A downloadable tool for Windows

Windows OpenGL based implementation of a LSTM neural network similar to Torch-RNN for training networks on text files and then generating output.

In the example screenshot:

The blue box surrounds the "Set Training Data" button which is used to select the input text file to learn from. Currently it only supports ASCII text files. You must set a file before you can start training a network.

The green box surrounds the "Keep Batching" checkbox that controls the network training. When the checkbox is set the network will be trained on batches indefinitely but can be stopped at any time by unchecking the box.

The yellow box surrounds the network setup control. The first input controls the number of layers in the network and each input underneath controls the width of that layer (the input and output are always width of 128 (ASCII)). Setting the number of layers and widths has no effect until "Build Network" is clicked which restarts the training with a new network that matches the settings.

The red box surrounds the debug output which currently outputs the average frame rate. While "Keep Batching" is set this corresponds to the time it takes to process a single batch.

Generating output from the network can be done using the "Sample Out" controls in the top left. Hitting "Grab Sample Out" will generate text in the box while "Write to File" will generate and save output to a file. Generation can be done while "Keep Batching" is on, and it will not affect the training.

Install instructions

Unzip and run the exe. Included is a sample text file with some Shakespeare.


LSTM_Char.zip 694 kB

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