A downloadable game for Windows

Finish randomly generated levels as fast as possible!

Controls like Super Mario 64 with triple, side, and long jumps!


Movement - WASD

Jump - J

Long Jump - K

Rotate Camera - Q & E

Random Level - O

First Level - P

Pause - Tab

Cycle through level generators - V

X360 Controller:

Movement - Left Stick

Jump - Right Bumper or A

Long Jump - Left Bumper or X

Camera - Right Stick

Camera Zoom - Triggers

Random Level - DPAD Right

Cycle through level generators - DPAD UP/DOWN

First Level - DPAD Left

Pause - Start

Reset to last Checkpoint - Back

You can switch between a few different types of random levels by pressing 'V' on the keyboard. After the first run of the game a file 'challenge_setup.txt' will be created where the parameters for the level generator can be modified.

Please let me know of any issues on twitter @ikedude8

Install instructions

Standalone executable that should run on Windows.


Dumpty_Humpty.exe 2 MB

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